Community Grid for PDA project is developing the environment supporting ubiquitous accessing to Community Grid systems from various small wireless devices such as Smartphone. These devices are running the Microsoft Windows CE or PalmOS and working with traditional desktop computer.

Universal access refers to the capability that all users are able to access information systems (grids) independent of their access device and their physical capabilities. We address this for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and generalize it to universal collaboration the capability of multiple users to link together over the web with disparate access modes. Mobile systems are typically slow, unreliable, and have unpredictable temporal characteristics. Further, the user interface is clearly limited. The design of distributed mobile applications needs to identify the practicalities, reliability, and possibilities of continuous interaction and integrate synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

The Garnet Collaboration system is designed to support both centralized and peer-to-peer collaboration models by using a uniform event bus. This event bus is defined in XML (but implemented with a pure Java solution) and supports both control messages and events specifying changes in object state. This is the conventional shared event model of collaboration where such object state messages ensure that objects are properly shared between collaborating clients.

A key additional characteristic of Garnet collaboration system concerns the heterogeneity of clients. Hand-held devices, mobile phones, as well as conventional desktops can join in one collaboration session. However, the conventional GMS is not able to support lightweight clients, such as PDAs because a lightweight client, mobile clients in most cases, has a smaller display and slower processor. For the integration, we propose a new universal collaboration and access architecture, which we call Garnet Message Service Micro Edition (GMSME). This supports mobile devices and desktop computers.

GMSME consists of a PDA adaptor, a Hand Held Message Service (HHMS) protocol, and an API for application processors, which process messages on the mobile device.



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