Shared Resources

Garnet system provides the environment of sharing resources. This includes visualizations, web pages and Microsoft Word documents and are shared with shared event, shared export or shared display mechanisms on the PDA.

Shared Display

Shared Display is the simplest method for sharing documents with the frame-buffer corresponding to either a window or entire desktop replicated among the clients. Garnet shared display is accessible from small mobile devices through the PDA adaptor that resizes the display for small devices, which have low resolution. The PDA adaptor requests updated data periodically, and optimized data is transferred to PDA as raw bitmap data with HHMS. We developed a PDA client application in the PersonalJava runtime environment for Windows CE.


Shared Export

Shared display does not allow significant flexibility; for instance, different clients cannot examine separate viewpoints of a scientific visualization. More flexible sharing is possible by sharing object state updates among clients with each client able to choose how to realize the update on its version of the object. This is very time consuming to develop if one must do this separately for each shared application. The shared export model filters the output of each application to one of a set of common formats and builds a custom shared event viewer for these formats. This allows a single collaborative viewer to be leveraged among several different applications.




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Sharing Resources





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