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The NaradaBrokering project is a research effort in the area of large-scale distributed streaming systems at the Community Grids Lab at Indiana University. Research in NaradaBrokering has been funded through grants from the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy, and the United Kingdom’s Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute, which is part of the UK e-Science programme.


NaradaBrokering is a content distribution infrastructure, and enables the development of secure, failure-resilient systems. The NaradaBrokering substrate itself comprises a distributed network of cooperating broker nodes. Since NaradaBrokering is application-independent, it has been harnessed in a variety of domains. The substrate places no constraints either on the size, rate and scope of the data encapsulated within the streams, or on the number of entities within the system. Some of the salient features in NaradaBrokering include:

  • Powerful & efficient long-tail disseminations

  • Secure end-to-end delivery of streams

  • Robust stream disseminations

  • Efficient ordering and synchronization of streams

  • Support for rich Quality of Services

  • Stream jitter reductions

  • Support for multiple transport protocols

  • High performance

  • Enterprise messaging support: JMS compliant

  • Hierarchical topic-spaces & wildcard subscriptions

  • Support for Web Services
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  Granules 1.3.2 released on July 16, 2009
  NaradaBrokering 4.2.2  software released on June 10, 2009... more
  Version 2.0.1  of the C++ Bridge released  on Jan 22, 2009... more
  New DOE grant: Joint work with Caltech & DWT Inc ... more

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Real time annotation of streams




The NaradaBrokering software is available for download, and is governed by the IU RTC license. We plan to have 2 major releases every year, with intermediate minor releases adding functionality to the aforementioned major releases.

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