MyProxy Guidelines for Community Grids Lab

1- Requirements

1.1- MyProxy service is running on at port 7512

1.2- Globus users has to have globus credentials which are public and private keys.

1.3- CGL Certificate Authority should be trusted by third parties.

1.4- grid-mapfile should contain user's DN and associated user name on the same machine.

    eg. "/C=US/O=Indiana University/OU=Community Grids Lab/CN=Mehmet Nacar" manacar

2- Setup

2.1- Get a globus credential from CGL CA. You'll get two files


2.2- Change your credential passwd. (Before running grid-change-pass-phrase command, you have to set environment variables as 3.1)

$ grid-change-pass-phrase
Enter pass phrase for /home/manacar/.globus/userkey.pem:
writing RSA key
Enter PEM pass phrase:
Verifying - Enter PEM pass phrase:

2.3- If your account has already setup, replace the key and the cert with old ones. Otherwise, you need to follow these steps below.

$ cd  
$ pwd make sure you're at user home.
$ mkdir .globus  

.globus directory should contain at least those files below.

.globus /

2.4- Rename userxxx-key.pem and userxxx-cert.pem, and also change access rights as appropriate.

$ mv userxxx-key.pem userkey.pem
$ mv userxxx-cert.pem usercert.pem
$ chmod 400 userkey.pem
$ chmod 644 usercert.pem

2.5- Make sure you've copied CGL CA files into ./globus/certificates/


2.6- Edit


3- Get Proxy                 

3.1- After you setup your account, you can get a proxy. Before you do that, you need to set some environment variables.

$ export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/home/globus/nmi-8.0-rh9
$ source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/
$ export

3.2- Execute myproxy-init command below and enter credential passwd. Then you need to assign an arbitrary passwd for your proxy.

$ myproxy-init  
Your identity: /C=US/O=Indiana University/OU=Community Grids Lab/CN=Mehmet Nacar
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .................................................. Done
Proxy Verify OK
Your proxy is valid until: Tue Feb 7 15:15:24 2006
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
Verifying - Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
A proxy valid for 168 hours (7.0 days) for user manacar now exists on gf1.


4- References


by Mehmet Nacar

Last updated January 31st,  2006